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            Hare Krishna! My name is Arya Anand Bhuktar, I study in 9th standard, I live in Mumbai. I have been in the gurukul since a year. Throughout this year we have celebrated festivals like Nityananda Trayodashi, Gaur Purnima, Radhashtami, Krishna Janmashtami, Brahmotsava, etc. I would like to tell you all about Brahmotsava.

On Oct 2nd 2019 our deities named Radha Pandhareshwar were installed, since then we are celebrating this festival called Brahmotsava. Last year in 2021 we couldn’t celebrate Brahmotsava on 2nd Oct because it was Ekadashi that day, so we celebrated it the next day on 3rd Oct. In the Brahmotsava, our Acharyas namely Jagannath Kripa Acharya, Aaudarya  gaur Acharya and Anupam Narsimha Acharya decided to cook 125 bhogas on account of 125th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada ,Founder Acharya of  ISKCON. There were three Departments namely Cooking Department, Deity Department and Decoration Department. Students like Aryan, Shubh, Ram, Naman, Krishnachaitanya, Krishnang with Anupam Narsimha Acharya were in the Decoration Department. The Altar was decorated beautufully with flowers like Marigold, Rose, Aster, etc. And the temple was decorated with the branches of coconut tree. The roads of gurukul were decorated by the petals of various flowers and the sides by Rangoli. The environment became so auspicious, it was giving a energetic feel, so we didn't became tired that day. The left were in the Cooking Department. Sankalp and Deepraj, our main cooks, decided the list of bhogas to be prepared by evening. We made different sections like Sankalp would make the various types of rices and vegetables, Deepraj would make various types of sweets and namkeen items and Chaitanya, our Cake Expert would make cake and cupcakes. Each of them had their own assistant. I assisted Sankalp while he was making the bhogas.

I had to be very active because as he ordered any item, I would run very fast and bring to him. I also washed the utensils as he used them. One by one the bhogas were getting prepared and on the other hand some of the students with Jagannath Kripa Acharya were making the arrangements of the Abhishek. Various types of juices were made for the Abhishek. We had also invited HH Loknath Swami Maharaj and HH Shri Krishnachaitanya Swami Maharaj and some of the devotees from our Iskcon Pandharpur Temple. When HH Loknath Swami Maharaj followed by the devotees entered our Gurukul, we welcomed them by showering flowers on them. It was a surprise for them so they gave us all blessings. And then we all gave our obsiences to HH Loknath Swami Maharaj. At the end of the Dawn, we started our programe with the auspicious chanting of Swasti Vachan and then some introduction of this gurukul. The anchor of the programe was Jagannath Kripa Acharya. Everyone was impressed by the Swasti Vachan. Then Abhishek started followed by the melodious kirtan sang by our Anupam Narsimha Acharya. While doing Abhishek, Jagannath Kripa Acharya called us one by one to do the Abhishek of the Deities. I was so much excited because it was the first time when I was doing Abhishek in my life. I felt so happy and satisfied that time. After the Abhishek, a Cultural programe was conducted in which recitation of Shlokas followed by Mridanga Demonstration was held. Then the Elder students namely Shubh and Nandan spoke their experience about gurukul. After that, HH Loknath Swami Maharaj gave a lecture on a topic which was ` Why gurukul is important ', the lecture was so interesting and informative to hear. Then Shyamcharan Prabhu sang the Gaur Aarti. We danced and sang s happily in the Aarti. While the Aarti was going on, the bhoga was offered. After the Aarti, some of the students sat to have prasadam while some the served the devotees. the prasadam was so tasty to eat. We also drank so much charanamrta of Radha Pandhareshvar's Abhishek. I was never such happy in my whole life which I became that day. I consider myself  so fortunate to have such Acharyas who gave me a chance to stay here and advance myself in spiritual activities. So I would like to thank my Acharyas that they gave the real higher education in this difficult period of Kali Yuga.

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